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Video-Teledentistry Has Arrived

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Animal Teledentistry
Virtual Dental Care

Using Video Conferencing in Animal Dentistry

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A very wise dentist once said: "Pain Does Not Have a Schedule!" 

Because of this, Dr. DeForge, Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, has introduced Video Dentistry into his Advanced Veterinary Dentistry practice.  

Teledentistry allows better communication; provides personal interaction during the important referral process; and brings with it time saving follow-up rechecks from the comfort of your home. 

There is no need, any longer, to wait!  Why travel to an emergency room with a pet in oral pain when you can Video Conference with Dr. DeForge.  

No diagnosis in animal dentistry is every confirmed without on-site examination with dental x-rays under "twilight" gas inhalation anesthesia.  

The purpose of the Video Conference is to begin a process of enlightenment and education.  Dr. DeForge can answer some of your questions in this preliminary video visit and triage you, if necessary, to an EMERGENCY PRIORITY appointment at the hospital in which he consults nearest to your home.

Video Consults are NOT for a definitive diagnosis.  The definitive diagnosis is ONLY on-site while the patient is maintained by Dr. DeForge  in a safe "twilight" gas inhalation anesthesia state.  

Think of Video Conferencing as part of the journey......not the final destination! The final diagnosis is always substantiated with oral radiology or oral radiology coupled with biopsy [histopathology].  Oral C-Scans have, also, entered the animal dentistry room of care and are being used in select cases to gather additional information.  Has your doctor taken dental x-rays prior to referring to Dr. DeForge?  If your LDVM has dental x-rays, Dr. DeForge will recommend that he electronically send them for diagnosis to: 

eVetDiagnostics, LLC

Donald H DeForge, VMD

Dr. DeForge is the Oral Radiology Consultant for this imaging company.  By reading these films prior to your visit and sharing the report with your LDVM, your special friend is well on the way to a pain free quality of life.  Most importantly, your LDVM is kept involved as part of your oral health care team.

Dental Checkups and X-Rays: An Important Routine to Keep Your ...

How does video conferencing work?

No downloads or accounts

No need to download software or create an account. Just use a browser on a computer or device with a camera and microphone.  Dr. DeForge provides the VIDEO link after meeting you with you by E-Mail or Phone call!  At that time, you will be given a Video Conference date and time.

You place the link in your browser at the pre-set day and time and within seconds you will be in Dr. DeForge's Oral Conference Waiting Room.

Oral Rechecks after surgery are even better.  No longer is there a  hassle taking your pet a distance to see Dr. DeForge for a recheck.  

You recheck is now a Video Conference with Dr. DeForge along with your special friend on camera.  

Dr. DeForge likes to refer to it as the VIP recheck.--i.e.-The Very Important Pet recheck!  Rechecks become easier for you and your pet is viewed through the recovery allowing Dr. DeForge to determine if you need an on-site re-exam.  Complications in recovery are less because the patient is visually monitored by Dr. DeForge on a regular basis.  This is also a major cost saving event for, you, the pet owner.

Preliminary Video Conferencing with new clients, not being referred, can also occur with Dr. DeForge.  This is not to be confused with a treatment conference.  There must be a dentist/doctor-patient-client relationship for a diagnosis.  No medicines can be prescribed without a patient on-site evaluation except for changes in medicine during re-checks..

Remember, a definitive diagnosis in animal dentistry is only after the completion of an oral exam with dental radiology under general gas inhalation [twilight] anesthesia.

Questions on Teledentistry call: 203-877-3221 or E-Mail


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