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Increased Number of Iatrogenic Jaw Fractures in General Veterinary Practice~#37

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#37Increased Number of Iatrogenic Jaw Fractues Reported in General Practice Animal Dentistry!

The Answer: Oral Radiology and Telemedicine Dental X-ray Interpretation and Referral to an
Animal Dentist

Small breed dogs and cats are prone to jaw fractures in advanced periodontitis during exodontia in general practice.

The question remains why are extractions being performed without pre-operative dental x-rays?

Commmon areas of fracture of the mandible are:
1] The Mandibular Symphysis
2] The Anterior Mandible
3] Distal Mandible Pre-Molar and Molar Extractions

What to looks for in your pre-operative dental x-rays:


In Search of Compassionate Care #DrDonDeForge~No. 36

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In Search of Compassionate Care Donald H. DeForge, VMD

Human medicine, veterinary medicine, and other allied medical fields have reached epic levels of sophistication and specialization!

There is no upper limit! Top researchers and clinicians combine to find answers to cancer; diabetes; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s disease; and a plethora of painful conditions.Organ transplants and cloning continue to advance to extend our years, on planet Earth, with quality of life.

With a plethora of specialists in veterinary medicine, our companion animal population cont…

Let The Animal Dentist Come to You! #DrDonDeForge #MobileVetSilverSandsVeterinary~No.35


Dental Exams in your home!

Can't make a visit to a Veterinary Hospital?
Is your pet anxious?
#DrDonDeForge has you covered!

Physical ExamOral Exam
All in the comfort of your home!

Our unique medical/dental practice was among the first in the country established to care for patients who are unable to be treated in a traditional veterinary office setting. For over 40 years, we have been working to remove barriers to access to care by delivering premium dental care to patients with unique challenges at an affordable fee!!!  Is your dog stressed coming to the veterinary hospital?  Does your cat hate being put in a carrier?
Dr. DeForge administers a safe sedative for the inital oral check-up right in your home.  If your cat or small dog needs oral care there is a no fee to transport to #DrDonDeForge Dental C…

Vital Pulpotomy in the Dog and Cat~~#DrDonDeForge No.34

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The Vital Pulpotomy No. 34
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Vital Pulpotomy-Saving Teeth! The vital pulpotomy is a  procedure used most often in immature teeth in young dogs with a  recent fracture. It can be used in older dogs, with recent crown fractures, if dental x-rays show no radicular pathology.  The client must be told that all dogs undergoing Vital Pulpotomy treatment must have a post-treatment endodontic x-ray in 12  months post-care.  If the apex of the tooth is abnormal, the patient will need a conventional root canal at that time.  The pulpotomy, in young patients, is recommended because it keeps the tooth vital allowing for tooth maturation. If there is radicular pathology, then the patient must undergo conventional root canal therapy.  Besides vital…


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#DrDonDeForgeIntroducing: StomaSurg➽ No. 33 Removing Oral Pain One Patient at a Time!

Gingivostomatitis in the Cat The pathology of gingivostomatitis can affect gingiva, mucosa, tongue, palate, and the pharyngeal area. The salient clinical signs of gingivostomatitis are: swollen, ulcerated, and bleeding gums; lack of appetite or the inability to eat; consequent weight loss; cachexia; excessive salivation; blood in the saliva; halitosis; pawing at the mouth and SEVERE ORAL PAIN! 

Introducing StomaSurg➽
A Surgery for Gingivostomatitis in the Cat using
Guided Bone Regeneration

StomaSurg➽ is the first oral surgery that completely removes Gingivostomatitis in CATS. It is now available in CT and NY.

CT Location-Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands-17 Seemans Lane, Milford, CT 064…

Cat Stomatitis: A Cure! No. 32

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Donald H DeForge, VMD
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No. 32


Attention: Doctors,Veterinary Nurses, and Stomatitis Cat advocates.
Today’s Topic in Animal Dentistry outlines my oral surgery using GBR to cure cats from stomatitis.  It is the only surgery to date that can bring complete resolution without remission.

Questions can be directed to or you can call me at 1-800-838-3368.

Introduction:  Topic In Animal Dentistry #1
The classic treatment of feline Stomatitis with whole mouth extraction or extraction of the teeth distal to the canine teeth has proven to be non-productive in half of the patients treated.
Any where between 50-65% of these felines have only short term improvement with a return of the oral inflammatory …