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Let The Animal Dentist Come to You! #DrDonDeForge #MobileVetSilverSandsVeterinary~No.35


Dental Exams in your home!

Can't make a visit to a Veterinary Hospital?
Is your pet anxious?
#DrDonDeForge has you covered!

Physical ExamOral Exam
All in the comfort of your home!

Our unique medical/dental practice was among the first in the country established to care for patients who are unable to be treated in a traditional veterinary office setting. For over 40 years, we have been working to remove barriers to access to care by delivering premium dental care to patients with unique challenges at an affordable fee!!!  Is your dog stressed coming to the veterinary hospital?  Does your cat hate being put in a carrier?
Dr. DeForge administers a safe sedative for the inital oral check-up right in your home.  If your cat or small dog needs oral care there is a no fee to transport to #DrDonDeForge Dental C…