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In Search of Compassionate Care #DrDonDeForge~No. 36

Donald H DeForge, VMD
17 Seemans Lane Milford, CT 06460 P-203-877-3221

Tri-state Oral Consultant in Advanced Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery
E-Mail Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry
Practice Limited to Dentistry Immediate Past President of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics No.36--

In Search of Compassionate Care Donald H. DeForge, VMD

Human medicine, veterinary medicine, and other allied medical fields have reached epic levels of sophistication and specialization!

There is no upper limit! Top researchers and clinicians combine to find answers to cancer; diabetes; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s disease; and a plethora of painful conditions.Organ transplants and cloning continue to advance to extend our years, on planet Earth, with quality of life.

With a plethora of specialists in veterinary medicine, our companion animal population cont…