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No. 9---03Dec2016 A BLOG by DH DeForge, VMD Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry 1-800-838-3368 DonDeForge100@gmail.comand
Charting A New Course “Ask yourself, “Why am I doing things the way I’m doing them?”  If the answer is: “Because I’ve always done it this way~then it’s time to re-evaluate.” Dr. Richard Barnes One of the hardest parts of being a veterinarian is accepting change.  Habit becomes routine and change can be excused by being too busy to assimilate NEW knowledge and the benefit of change. Here is a way to determine if you are ready for change.  Ask two or three of your technicians what is their favorite song and then ask yourself what is your favorite song.  If you have never heard of their music, you have closed your mind to change.  You may not like the sound but you must accept that the culture of music is always changing.  Enjoy what …