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Introducing: StomaSurg➽ No. 33
Removing Oral Pain One Patient at a Time!

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Gingivostomatitis in the Cat

The pathology of gingivostomatitis can affect gingiva, mucosa, tongue, palate, and the pharyngeal area. The salient clinical signs of gingivostomatitis are: swollen, ulcerated, and bleeding gums; lack of appetite or the inability to eat; consequent weight loss; cachexia; excessive salivation; blood in the saliva; halitosis; pawing at the mouth and SEVERE ORAL PAIN! 

Introducing StomaSurg➽
A Surgery for Gingivostomatitis in the Cat using
Guided Bone Regeneration

StomaSurg➽ is the first oral surgery that completely removes Gingivostomatitis in CATS. It is now available in CT and NY.

CT Location-Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands-17 Seemans Lane, Milford, CT 06460

NY Location-Gold Coast Center for Veterinary Care
770 W. Jericho Tpke-Huntington, NY 11743

For appointments at either location:

E-Mail or call
Dr. DeForge will come directly to the phone, if you call, to discuss this breakthrough surgery, StomaSurg➽, the only oral surgery treatment to date that COMPLETELY removes Gingivostomatits in the cat.

What is StomaSurg➽?
Dr. DeForge's breakthrough surgery has three components:

1] Biopsy to confirm Gingivostomatitis is present

2] Intraoral Radiology to review bone pathology present

3] Radiosurgery, Osteoplasty, and Guided Bone Regeneration Treatment of pathological bone sites

Gingivostomatis is THE MOST Painful Oral Disease in Cats

Gingivostomatitis is NOT a dental disease it is a bone centered pathology!

Dr. DeForge can treat any cat that has all of the teeth removed, i.e. edentulous, with no successful resolution of the stomatitis state........ and completely return the patient to a pain free quality of life with StomaSurg➽

Radiosurgery is utilized to create full thickness mucoperiosteal surgical flaps and to expose the diseased bone
  • Oral radiology identifies the osseous pathology
  • Osteoplasty is aggressive and is utilized to remove all diseased osseous tissue after PDL Nerve blocks
  • Guided Bone Regeneration with bone alloplast is utilized to create a bone matrix that allows osteoblasts to reconstruct the alveolar ridge and reconstitute the bone

Pre-Anesthesia testing and Clearance for Anesthesia is
completed by the referring FDVM; LDVM; or RDVM

Some patients will need esophagostomy tubes for alimentation if presented in the advanced cachexia state

All cats return to a pain free quality of life after StomaSurg➽

Pre-Surigcal Consultation is fully credited to StomaSurg➽ surgical fees if you decide to have your cat treated with StomaSurg➽ after consultation with Dr. DeForge


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