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CERTIFED ORAL PAIN FREE-A Rhinoceros in Your Operatory~~Comprehensive Oral Radiology Evaluation and Treatment~~#46

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Jan 2020 #46

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A Rhinoceros in Your Operatory
In Search of a New Vision

A Buddhist Monk is visited by a young man seeking enlightenment.  The Monk blindfolds the boy and takes him to a village.  The Monk tells the boy to become enlightened you must be able to see that which you cannot see.  The cover on your eyes makes you blind to the world around you.  I will bring you forward and have you touch objects and you must let me know what you think you are touching.

There was only one object and it was a very old Rhinoceros that had been in a sancturary for years.  The monk would walk the boy around the field and then bring him back to touch a different part of the Rhino.  

First, he had him touch the horn........the boy stated..... this is the handle of a hunting ax.........next he had the boy touch the ear........the boy said this is a purse to hold valuables within......

Then the Monk put the boy's hand on the leg of the Rhino....this is the easiest so far the boy exclaimed.......I am touching the trunk of a tree.

The Master took off the blindfold and let the boy see the Rhinoceros.  The boy could not believe that without his eyes he could be so wrong.

The Wise sage said to the boy you are not wrong.  Without vision, you had only a perception of the real world.  Those without vision must use all of their senses to see the truth.

This story illustrates the imporance of how veterinary dentistry has become revolutionized with the advent of Oral X-ray.  Living without oral X-ray is similar to doing surgery with the lights out in your operatory. 

Dental X-ray lets your veterinarian see pathology that you never new was present.

It allows the veterinarian to make the CORRECT treatment or referral decisions.  

Comprehensive Oral Radiology Evaluation and Treatment [CORET] is the key to oral diagnostics and all that is performed daily in animal dentistry.

Our clients, as Pet Advocates of the Animal Kingdom, demand more that blind extractions. They seek a pain free quality of life for the pets they love.  They request modern imaging tools to verify the need for oral surgery.  

All oral care, exodontal patients, should have oral x-ray prior to extraction and post-etraction. Follow-up radiology in 3/6/ or 12 months is very important.  The return x-ray periodicity is based on the procedure performed and isolated as a reminder to the client by the veterinary nurse-dental technician.  

If you have just introduced oral digital x-ray into your practice and are unsure of a diagnosis, you can send these digital x-rays to a radiologist or an animal dentist for review for a correct diagnosis. [One such service is eVETDiagnostics.com]

What are the Primary Reasons for Dental X-ray:

Treatment Planning in:
Advanced Periodontal Disease
Worn teeth that may need Endodontics
Fractured teeth that may need Extraction or Endodontics
Embedded and Impacted teeth
For caries or cavities-repair in the dog
Fractures of teeth
Oral Tumor or Mass surgical planning
Maxillofacial fracture repair
Stomatitis Care in cats-[see AnimalDentistrySolutions.blogspot.com -Number #41and #48]
Difficult Extractions
Root Canal Therapy
Restorative Dentistry of all types
Oral Oncology
Pathologies of Deciduous Dentition

The New Hand Dental X-ray Generator

The Nomad Pro 2 Veterinary HAND HELD X-ray generator is an example of the new vision in animal oral health care.  

No longer is the veterinarian trapped with a wall mounted x-ray generator or a dental x-ray generator on a tripod base that everyone trips over.  

With handheld dental x-ray the operator is fully mobile.  Read about the Nomad Pro-2 Veterinary unit and how safe it is to operate on the Nomad website.

Along with a Hand Held X-ray Generator you will also need to purchase a Dental Digital X-ray processing system with veterinary oral diagnostics software.  

There are many such systems available for DR Processing. DR processing is fast and convenient choice.  Veteriarians are always looking for excellent technology to save time.  

"DR" imaging has excellent image quality, speed, and simplicity.  These characteristics are important in my work and are also important to the veterinarian in general practice.

veterinary dental X-ray generator / analog / digital / hand-held

The picture above illustrates the Nomad-Pro 2 Veterinary hand held dental x-ray generator.  There are other hand held x-ray generators in the veterinary dentistry marketplace.  Ask for an in-service demonstration of the x-ray generator, of your choice, and a veterinary digital DR x-ray processing system!

Today is the day to remove the blind fold of oral care and move into the vision of the New Millennium.

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